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Safe Pest ControlOffer complete solutions to prevent and eradicate pests from your home and business premises. We serve a variety of clients, including commercial and residential properties, such as offices, shops, restaurants and warehouses. We offer service contracts and perform intensive inspections. We offer a same-day Pest Control service that we can respond to quickly in all areas. Our pest control technicians are qualified. We provide a detailed report detailing the use of pesticides and the work done. We also provide any advice to reduce the chance of future infestations in our reports. All treatments are compliant with the current Health and Safety legislation.

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Safe Pest control makes termite treatment Sydney accessible and affordable for you in Botany. The priors in pest control services know the types of pests, their threats to your property, health, or environment, and the ultimate ways to control them. When experience meets professionalism, you will get a remarkable service, which we do at Safe Pest control.

Reliable Pests & Termite Control Botany

Our motive is to provide you with quality services. We use the latest equipment and quality products to control termites and other pests by ensuring that our pest chemicals are not harmful to you and your pets. Moreover, we have expertise in dealing with pests, bugs, and insects of all kinds. So, it gives you assurance in getting rid of all of them with our exceptional services.

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To permanently eliminate the pests or termites from your home, we follow an extensive procedure:

Inspection visit

The services begin at having an inspection visit to your place. The primary purpose of the inspection is to visit the site and take detailed information about the pests you are dealing with in your space. In addition to this, our professional team identifies the areas where the pests infest through the visit. They thoroughly inspect the entry points or colonies of pests or termites.

Marking the infestation

After the inspection, the team marks the infestation points. These are mostly the points you cannot reach. The closed and crawling spaces are more prone to pests, so we mark them.

Expert Pest Inspection Botany

After inspection and marking the infestation, our professionals make a service plan. They plan out the procedure they will follow based on the type of pests and coverage area.

We believe in sharing the service information with clients, so the team briefs you about the procedures. The purpose is to guide you about treatment, chemicals, and duration. The team also tells you all the precautionary measures to take during the process.

Execute the plan:

Our well-trained workers execute the plan after taking you in confidence and all the preventive measures. They do their work with proficiency to permanently clear out your space from termites or other pests.

Follow up visits:

Another advantage to taking our services is that our service does not end after the execution of the plan. To ensure that the pests are gone permanently, we do follow-up visits.

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So if you are facing a termite problem, give us a call. Our team of trained and professional staff is ready to serve you. Safe pest control watches out for your health and safety, so, we pick up chemicals that are non-reactive to humans or pets.

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pest control sydney

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