Pests can prove to be a Nuisance

09 Dec

Keep check of your outdoor storage, specially ones for your pool equipment’s. It’s that time of the year when you are likely to be seeing more pests around your home and business than usual. You may also be asking yourself why? Pests breed during the colder months and two pests as an example, redback spiders and german cockroaches and enjoy the warmer weather which is why you may be seeing them more often now. Redbacks are common in Australia so it should not come as a surprise to see them in and around your home, business or commercial property. WHERE ARE REDBACK SPIDERS COMMONLY FOUND? If you have a shed, pergola or barbecue area then these are some of the more common places you may find redback spiders. They prefer ‘man made’ shelter and more often than not you will find their web has been spun in the shade. Interestingly, male redbacks aren’t poisonous – it’s the female redback that can prove potentially fatal. HOW DO I IDENTIFY A REDBACK SPIDER? As the name suggests, they can be identified as a black shiny spider with either a red or orange marking on their back.