German Cockroaches

06 Oct

Unlike spiders, german cockroaches love to live and breed indoors. They too have a preference for warmer weather so humid environments are definitely to their liking. HOW DO GERMAN COCKROACHES END UP IN MY HOUSE? Funnily enough it may not be anything you do that causes german cockroaches to appear in your home. They can usually be bought into your home through bags, boxes and various containers that are brought into your home. HOW CAN I PREVENT GERMAN COCKROACHES FROM BREEDING? The simple answer to this one is to keep the premises clean. Cockroaches, by nature, are scavengers and love nothing more than feasting on the crumbs, leftover scraps and other bits and pieces of food that are left lying around on the floor, kitchen bench etc.   Call us today on  1300 119 085 for an easy and effective cockroach control.