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It was in DW News last August 2020, that there were a bunch of wasps attacked 16 kids in Germany. The kids complained about wasp stings in the hospital, they were in the school playground when the incident happened. One of them suffered from wasp allergy, while others were treated for minor injuries only. 

How scary this news was? Better check your backyard for a build-up nest of terrifying wasps and if there is any, contact pest control exterminators quickly as you may struggle with the whole wasps’ hive. That is certainly dangerous! The insect Wasp belongs to the order Hymenoptera and the narrow-waisted suborder Apocrita.

European wasps, Common wasps, English wasps, Hornets or Asian wasps, and Yellowjackets wasps are some of the common wasps out of thousands of species. European wasps are considered one of the major pests in Australia because of their aggressiveness, as they can sting multiple times and can form large colonies, and usually, they stay in urban areas. Don’t even try to bother their nest as they are uncontrollable and ready to attack you with their long stinger.  (Read: PestControl Services in Sydney)

Wasps are dangerous insects that can cause serious health problems to humans such as allergic reactions when get stung and even death. Wasps can also cause pain and discomfort after they stung your skin, resulting in many side effects like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and difficulty in breathing. And the most difficult part is removing their nest or colony; it requires pest control experts to do that.   


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Safe Pest Control Pty Ltd. is here to assist you with that delicate problem. SafePestControl is the most reliable pest control company in Sydney, their Pest Control Exterminators can actually help you in getting rid of a wasps nest in your backyard, and keep you and your family safe.  They are using very effective and modern pest control strategies and techniques in looking for the sources of pest infestation in your house and vicinity.

They have enough knowledge and training in dealing with different pest infestations like wasps nest. They will not just remove it but also check and analyze how wasps did that invasion to your backyard so they can give you important information on early signs of wasps and pieces of advice on what to do to avoid nest-building again. (Read: Wasp Nest Removal)

SafePestControl Technicians are also long-standing members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. They are highly-skilled experts in controlling pests throughout Sydney, they undergo training programs for the latest pest control innovations and technology to keep their services updated at all times. This is already seen with their way of locating clients and interactive reporting system, as well as pest analytics.

Also, their goal is to always deliver high-quality and high-standard services to satisfy clients or even exceed their results’ expectations. They are also dedicated to providing the best pest control services and support for your home to prevent future reinfestation or outbreaks. Safe Pest Control, with a 5-star rating from Google Reviews, also provides a 6-month warranty for all treatment procedures and discusses prevention plans to ensure that pest infestation or any pest problem will not come back to your home. Truly, a one-of-a-kind service!

SafePestControl offers residential pest control services covering all suburbs in Sydney, wherever your location is, they can get fast to you to respond to your pest control needs. Surely, you will have peace of mind at home. Don’t let your family be in danger from these terrifying wasps, get a Wasps prevention plan immediately from SafePestControl! Call 1300 119 085 to book now! 

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