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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sydney pest control prices can range from $200 – $400 depending on the size of the project, type of pest and the pest control company you choose. Safe Pest Control can provide a certified, safe spray pest control treatment from as low as $220. Give us a call today on 1300 119 085 for a fast and easy quote!

    Our prices are quoted based on the size of your property and type of pest, we tailor our treatment to you! General pest control for a single-story house can be completed from as little as $275 and a double story house from $340. We also provide pest control for hotels, restaurants, factories, offices and hospitals. For a specific quote, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 119 085 or get in touch with us via email at

    Yes! Safe Pest Control operates Monday – Saturday from 8am to 5pm. Noting our flexible schedule, will be sure to fit you in at your preferred time.

    Absolutely, we use eco-friendly pest control products that are safe for family members and pets. We ensure our industry leading pesticide products are safe and non-toxic as possible which allows for no impact to be had on your family or the environment. Our safe spray products and eco-friendly mindset are one of the many reasons why we are one of the best, commercial pest control companies in Sydney.

    Safe Pest Control provides 6-month warranty period with our general pest treatment. For each treatment we complete, we will provide you with a certificate for the job including a batch number and details regarding the products used. The certificate will also note the specifications of the exact amount of the non-toxic chemical used and where it was sourced from. The certificate also provides full details of the dates we visited, the time and tools, along with other standard reporting features. This type of reporting allows for each client to have access to every detail of their treatment. Our clients always come first, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your treatment, is our #1 priority.

    The pest control treatments last 3-6 months depending on the type of treatment. Our approach finds a treatment balance that ensures you only pay for the treatment you need, delivering exceptional value for money when compared to one-size-fits-all treatments. This approach ensures that you get lasting treatment for an affordable price.

    What are fleas attracted to?

    Here’s everything you need to know about Flea pest control

    Fleas are commonly linked with pets such as cats and dogs. The reason for this is that they inadvertently carry them around! If you own pets then it is essential that you maintain and care for them so that they aren’t prone to being a host for fleas. Fleas can range from 2mm to 8mm in length and aren’t easily detected with the human eye. Their bodies are flat which helps them move around with ease while being able to get into hard to reach places. Fleas will drink blood for survival, hence the reason they are found hitching a ride on cats and dogs. One of the other places that fleas love to breed is in your carpet. If you are itching and scratching then chances are fleas have infested your carpets, rugs or other places in your home. Due to their bloodsucking nature, fleas can spread disease so it is really important than you get yourself a qualified pest controller to solve your flea problems the moment you realise there is an issue.

    Flea Life Cycle

    Top signs of a Flea Infestation in your home.

    Signs of fleas are a little difficult to assess. One of the main reasons for this is that three of the four stages of a flea’s life (egg, larva, pupa and adult) sees them hard to detect to the human eye. Making it even more difficult is the fact that most of the time when fleas have infested a premises, 80 percent of the total fleas will be in the eggs and larvae stage. Adults will make up just two percent of the fleas. If you do spot a flea then chances are there could more lurking around somewhere.

    Ticks prefer warm and moist areas, so they are most likely to be found in the armpits, scalp or groin. Unlike other insect bites, tick bites are painless. You should alwasy check your body, your child’s body and your pet after going outdoors that are known or suspected to have ticks. Ticks range from 1-2 mm (milimeters), so look for any black or dark brown spots on you body as you might find ticks biting on to your skin.

    Flea Infestation signs

    Excessice scratching

    If your pet cat or dog has thick hair and you see them scratch the back their head and neck, then it is most likely due to fleas hanging around in there.

    Sudden Hair Loss

    If your pet cat or dog has thick hair and you see them scratch the back their head and neck, then it is most likely due to fleas hanging around there.

    Red Skin

    Flea bites will cause allergic reactions. If you see any red, irritated patches or painful looking welts in your pet’s skin, then its most probably caused fleas.

    Flea dirt

    Signs of fleas also include small reddish brown or black tiny particles in your home or on your pet. However, it is good to inspect first as it can be just dirt particles lying around.

    Flea eggs

    One of the many places that fleas tend to lay eggs is inside a carpet with small spaces on it. You can check for fleas by putting on glows and running your fingers through the carpet. Make sure to use a magnifying glass as flea eggs can be so small.

    How to get rid of Fleas ?

    if you have spotted the areas that fleas are present make sure to wash them thoroughly to get rid of them. For infested areas like clothes and bed sheets it’s best to put them in the washing machine for a long period of time. For dog owners it’s more common to have fleas around due to their pets , so to reduce the chances of fleas its best to comb them every so often with a flea brush. If your dog itches a lot it’s best to throw their beds away as fleas are comfortable with that environment, and just buy your dog a new bed. For other areas it’s best to vacuum as the pressure of the vacuum can disturb the fleas and reduce a infestation.

    Tips to Prevent Fleas.

    How to prevent Fleas with Safe Pest Control

    Although there are many things that can be done to prevent fleas most of them won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. For pet owners there is a higher chance of having fleas around your place of residence, so due to that we encourage you to brush your dog or cat with a flea comb and wash your pet’s bed regularly.

    If you don’t own a pet then make sure that your home is clean and make sure to sweep your garden whenever possible. If your shifting homes and the previous homeowner had a pet, make sure to check if there are fleas in the carpet, they tend to lay their eggs in carpets and lay there till the time is right to hatch.

    If you need a expert to help you with this, we provide technicians that know the patterns of fleas and there behaviour to give you a solution to fix your problem.

    We can help you - no matter where you are in Sydney.

    Sydney’s best Pest Control company

    Safe Pest Control is regarded as one of the leading Pest Control companies in Sydney. This is a reputation that we have earned over 10 years of hard work, loyalty and dedication to our customers and care in what we do

    We are one of the few pest control companies in Sydney that offer a detailed one-on-one experience for our customers. This is performed through a unique software program dedicated to communicating with clients, giving detailed information about the job performed, the batch number of the chemicals used and where it was sourced from and advised service times.

    Read more…

    Our intelligence gathering and use of analytics can provide each customer with a detailed report of pest behaviour for their job and how we are treating each problem individually.

    Safe Pest Control also guarantees its work 100% with a six-month warranty period and an obligatory return policy during that period if we haven’t successfully solved your pest problems.

    We want to ensure our clients have peace of mind with the service we provide.

    Your safety is our number one priority.

    Safe Pest Control’s advance software benefits:

    *Login service

    *Real-time reporting

    *Proof of location

    *Proof of time

    *Pest analytics and behaviour


    Cockroaches love to get to food that is easily accessible. While it may seem obvious, cockroaches love messy environments so things like food and food scraps, dirty plates, dirty surfaces (like benches and floors) and areas that are generally unhygienic are an open invitation for cockroaches and other pests to enter your home.

    The household pet could be another reason why you have cockroaches in your home. While pets are loveable, they are also messy so be sure to keep the areas that your pet frequents clean and healthy.


    Here is a list of recommended actions from Safe Pest Control to keep those pesky cockroaches out of your home. Our top tips are:

    *Don’t leave food out in the open

    *Always clean any dirty dishes you have in the sink

    *Don’t forget to vacuum, mop and wipe down surfaces regularly

    *Clean under your appliances

    *Keep your pets and the area around them clean

    If you do these five things then you are well on your way to keeping cockroaches out of your home.


    Spiders love warm environments so that is one of the main reasons you will find spiders in your house. Spiders, like most creatures, need an environment of their own in order to shelter and lay eggs so it probably turns out that your house is the perfect environment for that.

    Plus, one of the main food sources for spiders is other pests so if you have a messy house or unhygienic environment, there is a high chance that you will have a spider problem.

    Do you have pests like cockroaches, rats, mice and fleas in and around your home? If you do, then there is a good chance you have spiders too – even if you can’t see them.


    Safe Pest Control has provided you with five tips to keep spiders out of your home. Check them out below:

    *Remove any cobwebs you see in and around your home

    *Vacuum up any spiders or nests you find in dark corners or hard to get to areas

    *Clean up any clutter you have in your home or yard

    *If you are an avid gardener, ensure you move and clean things like your garden shed, debris, mulch or woodpiles

    *Seal any cracks or crevices you may have in your home

    If you have done all of the above and are still getting pests like spiders in your home, give the team at Safe Pest Control a call.


    There are many reasons why you could be experiencing a rise in pests in and around your house.

    One of the common causes of an increase in pest activity could be the environment and the condition of your home and its surrounds.

    If you have plenty of mess and clutter then it makes the perfect sense that bugs, cockroaches, spiders and flies will look for food and shelter in this type of surrounding.

    Another reason for a rise in bugs and pests in your home could be seasonal. Different weather and a change in season always bring about a rise in pest activity and behaviour.

    For instance, in spring and summer you can expect to see mosquitos and flies in and around your home while ants are an everyday pest for Australian households. Rats, mice and possums are others that can usually pop up in the surrounding areas and suburbs of Sydney.

    In the autumn and winter months it is common to see rodents pop up more often in households because they are likely to seek shelter and refuge from the harsh weather conditions. Cockroaches are known as a summer pest, however, the cooler conditions of autumn and winter have been known to help them breed.

    Pets are another reason you could have a pest problem.

    While pet owners love having them around the house, pets do have one downside – they attract pests. Cats and dogs commonly carry smaller pests including fleas and bed bugs. Birds are also known to carry lice, however, that is mainly if they are wild and not common in household varieties.

    Finally, assess your surroundings – do you have plenty of trees and shrubs? Do you like in a more rural or semi-rural area where there’s lots of bushland?

    This is an important factor when trying to figure out why your house could have a pest problem.

    Native wildlife could be a huge issue for homeowners who have pest control problems in Sydney. Trees, shrubs, bushland, flora and fauna all come with a risk of attracting bugs, pests and other creepy crawlies.

    When people think of pest control in Sydney they automatically think of cockroaches and rats but our experience tells us that birds can also be pests, so if you do live in an area with plenty of trees, bush and shrubs, make sure to prune and maintain them.

    Why Safe Pest Control

    Residential and Commercial Pest Control Sydney

    In order to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied with their Pest Control Sydney treatments, we offer a 6-month warranty period. This gives all our client’s peace of mind and leaves them happy with their new, pest free home. For each treatment we complete, we will provide you with a certificate for the job including a batch number and details regarding the products used and specifications of the exact amount of the non-toxic chemical used and where it was sourced from.

    Read more…

    These certificates also provide full details of the dates we visited, the time, tools and even the weather conditions at the time for further documentation. This allows each client to have access to every detail of their treatment and gives them peace of mind. Our clients always come first, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your treatment is our #1 priority! Another reason why we are the best Pest Control Sydney has to offer is our termite insurance offer. Despite the dangerous structural damage that termites can cause, insurance companies often don’t cover for termite damage.


    Pest Control Company Near Me 


    We are here to provide convenience to you. Our experienced Service Technicians service all of Sydney, including the Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, North Shore, The Shire and more. Our service is available 6 days a week, so we are sure to be available at a convenient time for you.Call us to check for an available appointment today!


    Proof of Location

    Proof of work

    Highly Trained

    Milad is fantastic, really knows his stuff, super friendly and if any issues they will come back so appreciate that they do that (esp. when cockroaches are such an issue in high rises!), and are really helpful in taking the time to explain things. Highly recommend! Thanks again!
    Jo P
    Jo P
    04:24 12 Apr 18
    We love these guys. Prompt. Effective. easy to deal with. We highly recommend them.
    Erez Gordon
    Erez Gordon
    00:06 06 Apr 18
    Very nice guy. Job well done. Will call Milad again next year
    06:47 20 Feb 18
    Safe Pest Control has looked after our family for years now. Our yard used to be invaded by redback spiders every summer. They'd live under the eaves, under our outdoor table and chairs and even climb into the children's toys! As a family with little ones, we chose Safe Pest Control because it's important to us to manage the problem in a way that's safe for our kids and environmentally responsible, and I'm pleased to say our spider problem has been well taken care of. Safe Pest Control has also managed other pests for us, including a rat in the roof and mice in the kitchen and carry out our annual termite inspection. The staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and informative, and we would very highly recommend Safe Pest Control for peace of mind and to help you solve these annoying pest problems and get on with enjoying life. These guys are tops!
    Roslyn East
    Roslyn East
    00:04 28 Sep 17
    These guys are professional and reliable with reasonable price.We chose them because of their non-toxic pest control treatment. We have a family and are very conscience of all the pesticides other companies use.Would defiantly recommend them.
    Bahar Bahrami
    Bahar Bahrami
    02:01 01 Sep 17
    Quick and easy. Great to have a chemical free company available!
    01:33 05 Feb 19
    We have used Safe Pest Control for 8 years. Having tried other contractors, I found Safe Pest Control provided a more effective service at a cheaper rate. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. They have always been super professional and friendly.
    J Engledew
    J Engledew
    04:17 09 Aug 18
    Milad was a awesome. Very friendly and knowledgable regarding pest control. No fuss, was thorough and was on time! Couldn’t have been happier. This is our second time using his services. Would highly recommend!
    Andrew Foo
    Andrew Foo
    04:24 15 Jul 18
    Great professional service, staff are very polite and knowledgeable. Very rarely do I experience such great services from tradespeople. After having them service my home, I was so happy with the service , I even use them for my regular pest control at my surgery.
    wei david
    wei david
    11:44 17 Jun 19
    Always on time and on point. Yet to see any roaches since taking these guys on.
    Marcel Ghabbar
    Marcel Ghabbar
    06:34 08 Jul 19
    Highly professional service. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I had them treat my unit for German Cockroaches and very satisfied with the service offered.
    Madawa Soysa
    Madawa Soysa
    04:24 05 Sep 19
    Friendly and competent. Came when he said he would and very fuss free service. Great to have nontoxic options. Thanks!
    E N
    E N
    22:38 07 Nov 19
    very good service,I used for many years
    Zw Yu
    Zw Yu
    00:14 12 Nov 19
    Milade provides the best pest control service we have ever had in over 40 years of getting our house/yard sprayed. The spray is safe for our pets (dog, bird,fish) and lasts almost the 12 months between sprays. Milade is thorough, courteous and reliable. We recommend this company to everyone.
    Ani Muscolino
    Ani Muscolino
    00:20 04 Dec 19
    Friendly, Reliable and Effective service. Thanks Milad. 🙂
    SquarePeg Studios
    SquarePeg Studios
    07:52 11 Dec 19
    Very satisfied with the service! I highly recommend this company. Milad is thorough and works in detail. I had problems with cockroaches for almost a year, trying every product sold in supermarkets. None did the job. He came and after a week, all gone. Also the spray is safe for kids and environmentally safe.
    Merce Pujol
    Merce Pujol
    04:51 04 Mar 20
    Milad has kept our place 'pest' free for 8 years now and we wouldn't use anyone else! He is extremely thorough and really takes care with his work. So friendly and always punctual as well!
    23:01 17 Feb 20
    We have gone through a number of companies and by far had the best experience, quality and service from Milad. Not only is he honest but cares about the end result. Thank you
    SanChurro Penrith
    SanChurro Penrith
    02:16 18 Feb 20
    Great communicator and works in with you and your pets.
    Heather Noakes
    Heather Noakes
    23:48 10 Mar 20
    Milad is fantastic, really knows what he's doing. I was worried about how pest control might affect my pet rats (one of whom has breathing issues already) but he talked me through every step of his pet-safe approach and had helpful expert answers to all my questions. My roach infestation resolved within 2 weeks exactly like he promised, and his package includes a 6 month guarantee so I know they're not coming back any time soon! Very satisfied.
    Lucy B
    Lucy B
    05:59 30 Apr 20
    Milad has been helping us with pest control for almost a decade. Always calm and friendly. He has made sure we haven't had to deal with any pests and that's a big deal for my pest averse family!
    Enying Ngoei
    Enying Ngoei
    03:34 09 May 20
    Milad did a wonderful job! He was on time, professional, friendly and efficient! Highly recommend.
    Jenna L
    Jenna L
    07:40 14 May 20
    Outstanding professionalism 100%We recently had a problem with an unexpected house guest in the way of a wasp nest living in our louver panel. Milad not only removed the nest, but he also helped to cut back the branches which was touching our roof and skylight window. Branches that were from our next door neighbour! Milad showed concern for the wasp nest and he was very thorough in his work. I want to thank Milad for his always quick responses to our bees, wasps and bugs problems. He displayed patience, compassion and professionalism all throughout his work. We have known him for more than 10 years now. He always understood our panic and always assured my family and I, that he was going to take care of the bugs and bees problems. We are so thankful and we happily appreciate your kindness too. We will always rate you more than 10 out of 10. We definitely and highly recommend your company to other families and friends.
    Stephen Sze
    Stephen Sze
    01:43 10 May 20
    We have been using Safe Pest Control for three years in a row for cockroach problem in our apartments. Thanks to Milad did such a thorough job each and every single time, very approacable, informative and professional. Highly recommended!
    Remy Hidayat
    Remy Hidayat
    12:18 18 May 20
    Excellent & Professional ServiceWe have been using Safe Pest Control service for nearly 4 years now. From our experience, we can highly recommend them for their expertise in this area and their professional service.In addition, we experience high standard of customer service and follow up process during warranty period. Because of trustiness and their AAA+++ work, we started getting the termite inspection service from them too.
    Upul Jayalath
    Upul Jayalath
    09:35 21 May 20
    Milat is very throughout, reliable and friendly. We had an issue with German cockroaches and within a few days they had completely disappeared. Would definitely recommend and he will be our pest control guy 🙂
    Claudia Milton