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    Fleas are commonly linked with pets such as cats and dogs. The reason for this is that they inadvertently carry them around! If you own pets then it is essential that you maintain and care for them so that they aren’t prone to being a host for fleas. Fleas can range from 2mm to 8mm in length and aren’t easily detected with the human eye. Their bodies are flat which helps them move around with ease while being able to get into hard to reach places. Fleas will drink blood for survival, hence the reason they are found hitching a ride on cats and dogs. One of the other places that fleas love to breed is in your carpet. If you are itching and scratching then chances are fleas have infested your carpets, rugs or other places in your home. Due to their bloodsucking nature, fleas can spread disease so it is really important than you get yourself a qualified pest controller to solve your flea problems the moment you realise there is an issue.

    Signs Of Fleas In Your Home

    Signs of fleas are a little difficult to assess. One of the main reasons for this is that three of the four stages of a flea’s life (egg, larva, pupa and adult) sees them hard to detect to the human eye. Making it even more difficult is the fact that most of the time when fleas have infested a premises, 80 percent of the total fleas will be in the eggs and larvae stage. Adults will make up just two percent of the fleas. If you do spot a flea then chances are there could more lurking around somewhere.


    Fleas can be an absolute nuisance to get rid of but Safe Pest Control has put together a few handy tips to help you out. The first is to wash any areas that have been infested with fleas. For clothing, linen, bedding and more it is best to simply throw it all in the washing machine and give it a long, deep spin. For pet owners, if you find that fleas have entrenched themselves in places such as your pet’s bedding, it may be best to simply throw the bed away and purchase a new one. Once fleas find a host or a place they are comfortable in it is very difficult to get rid of them. Another way you deal with fleas if by vacuuming. Pull out your trusty vacuum and clean up every surface you can see. The suction of your vacuum will be enough to disrupt the fleas and put a stop to them breeding. Straight after you have finished vacuuming make sure you dispose of the bag because you don’t want them hanging around your home any longer than necessary. Remember, fleas can infest almost any part of your home or business including bedrooms, yards and pets.


    There are many tips and tricks you can adopt to prevent fleas, however, most of these will prove to be of little value. Fortunately some of the best ways to prevent fleas are quite simple. Pet owners should treat their pets regularly regardless of whether they have fleas or not. Pets are like humans and they need tender loving care. Treating cats and dogs will ensure that fleas won’t be an issue for you in the future. One of the other ways to prevent a flea outbreak is to have a clean and tidy yard, house or business. Even though fleas aren’t attracted to a messy environment, stray cats and dogs are and they are type of animals that do carry fleas.

    In summary, some of the ways to prevent fleas are:


    While fleas usually prefer to live on pets such as your dog or cat, they have been known to live on humans also.

    Some methods are known to get rid of, or minimise, flea activity in and around your home. This will only be a temporary solution though as more often than not there will be more fleas hatching and maturing around the premises.

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