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Pest control doesn’t need to be tricky and complicated when it comes to keeping your commercial premises safe. You have a responsibility not only to yourself, your business and your employees, but to your clients also that your premises are free of pests such as cockroaches , rats , rodents and spiders (just to name a few). If you don’t know where to start or have a pest infestation that you are struggling to deal with, get in touch with Safe Pest Control. Headed by Founder and Managing Director Milad Bahrami, the Safe Pest Control team brings a wealth of experience when it comes to pest inspections, pest extermination and fumigation. Using a three-pronged plan of attack while keeping you, the client, informed of every step, the pests won’t stand a chance! Whether it is a school, restaurant, café, bar, retail outlet or food-processing plant, commercial pest control is made easy with Safe Pest Control .

Our Philosophy


When you hire a pest control company in Sydney you are relying on that company’s expertise in order to remove and exterminate any pests. At Safe Pest Control we perform a thorough inspection prior to carrying out any spraying or extermination. The reason we do this is to gain a better understanding of the potential risks that pests, such as rats, cockroaches, rodents, ants and spiders could pose to your premises. We also look into every corner and hard-to-reach spot and will determine where pests are breeding or gathering. After we find out everything we need to know, Safe Pest Control’s Managing Director, Milad Bahrami, will sit down with you and give you the results of the onsite pre-analysis. We then tailor a plan and package that is suitable for you so your premises is treated according to its needs. With the use of pest trend analytics and then combining that our expertise in hygiene and how to maintain hygienic premises, your pest control problems will be a thing of the past.

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Pests such as cockroaches, rats, rodents, termites, ants and more can prove to be a serious threat to your premises. Depending on the type of pests or pest infestation you have, serious issues can arise such as chewed cabling, brick mortar being eaten away, hygiene issues, foundation problems and much more. Safe Pest Control is a leading pest control company in Sydney that service not only residential but commercial premises also. We use a mix of the latest pest control technology including sticky pads, gels and chemical sprays. Alternatively, we also offer eco-friendly sprays and kid safe sprays that won’t harm you or the environment. Best of all, the work we carry out will have a minimal impact to your business so you won’t be inconvenienced and neither will your employees or customers.

Areas that we will analyse as part of our assessment include:

It is without question that the last thing you want to see if you are eating in a restaurant is a big fat ugly cockroach scurrying across the floor. Likewise, as a business owner, you have extremely tough hygiene standards to maintain. That means your kitchen areas must be spotless and your bin / garbage disposal areas have to be constantly cleared. Using leading insights into pests and their behaviours, Safe Pest Control ensures your business will be in safe hands and won’t come under the wrath of the NSW Food Authority. When it comes to schools, TAFEs and Universities, it is recommended that consistent inspections, monitoring and spraying is carried out to ensure a clean and safe learning environment. We also cater to a number of food processing plants throughout Sydney. These places can be prone to pests and bugs if they aren’t well maintained and when you are servicing restaurants / bars, the last thing they want to see are pests roaming around your factory floors, walls, offices etc. Safe Pest Control is also happy to provide pest control services to multi-site clients. Do you have a franchise and own different stores in multiple locations? Or are you an independent that has a footprint around several locations in Sydney? We can look after all your needs and best of all you are given a single point of contact that will look after you and your business. If any issues should arise, all you need is call and Safe Pest Control will be on the case.


Safe Pest Control's service team can fulfill requirements for organizations that require HACCP quality audit as well as providing educational material to prevent future outbreaks.

Comply with ISO9001

Comply with AS4801

Comply with ISO14001

If your business serves food and drink then it is imperative that you abide by the respective health and safety guidelines in your respective State. Restaurants and clubs are constantly monitored to ensure good practices are adopted in food handling and also cleanliness and hygiene. The last thing anyone wants to see is a cockroach or rat hanging around the kitchen of their favourite restaurant! It is recommended that you conducted a pest inspection and fumigation every 12 months to ensure pests don’t become an issue for your business. Need advice? Give Milad and the team at Safe Pest Control today.

Online Reporting Analysis

Supporting industries such as food processing, manufactures, retailers and hospitality we improve standard operations through integration of smart data

Cafes, restaurants and other food related businesses must adhere to a strict code when it comes to cleanliness. A clean and safe working environment ensures that harmful organisms will struggle to grow and breed while regular cleaning will prevent the outbreak of a pest infestation. Cafés and restaurants are regularly inspected by the NSW Food Authority and the 152 councils throughout the State. They are responsible for ensuring each premises is conducting good food safety practices. When they conduct inspections on each premises one of the main points on their checklist is pest control. Other things they look for include food handling, food temperature control, cleaning and sanitation. The last thing any patron in a café or restaurant wants to experience is a pest infestation. Safe Pest Control specialise in the eradication of cockroaches, moths, spiders, fleas and much more so your business isn’t put at risk by unhealthy practices.

How do we perform pest inspections on cafes and restaurant?

Our team will find the source of the problem and then assess the best possible way of treating it, while having minimal disruption to you, your business and your clients. We are Sydney’s leading eco-friendly pest control service and use treatments that are low in toxicity but have the greatest effect on pests.

Areas that we will analyse as part of our assessment include:

Café and Restaurant Pest Control Services in Sydney

At Safe Pest Control, we’ve been helping hospitality businesses deal with their pest problems for many years. We understand the strict requirements of councils in our service areas, as well as the NSW Food Authority, in terms of not only keeping food prep and sales areas free of pests but doing so in a way that does not risk health and safety. If you’re looking for super effective yet safe and compliant café pest control and management for your Sydney premises, we can help. We specialise in completely safe, non-irritating and non-toxic café pest control services. Our approach includes looking at the problem from every possible angle to determine the approach that’s right for your premises and your operations. From finding what’s attracting them, to identifying where they’re getting in to the premises and where they’re hiding, to finding ways to repel them. You may be surprised at what we find and the recommendations we make; even if you’ve had a persistent problem for years, Safe Pest Control can help. From blue light bug zappers to surface repellents and blocking entry points, there’s a solution for every hospitality premises. Our restaurant pest control and management services can be provided with warranties for your peace of mind, and we will always provide advice and plans to help you and your staff guard against reinfestation. These plans cover everything from follow-up inspections to new stock management and storage plans. For more information or to get a free quote tailored for your hospitality business’s needs, call us on 1300 119 085 or 0430 636 614.

Safe Pest Control are the experts when it comes to pest control services for schools. We use eco-friendly pest control technology and methods so that we eradicate any pests that will be lurking in and around schools and classrooms, while at the same time, offering a child safe pest control solution. Whether it is a daycare centre, primary school, high school, college, TAFE or University, Safe Pest Control will help find the source of your pest infestation and put a stop to it. All our work is performed in a way that is mindful of the client, so there is minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities. When it comes to schools we will endeavor to perform our duties so there is very little impact to classes. Give us a call today if you have a pest control issue.


Australians love venturing out to shopping centres. Whether it is throughout the year or for seasonal sales (half yearly clearances, Boxing Day sales etc), you can ensure that a shopping centre, retail outlet or boutique strip of shops will also be occupied. The last thing any retail operator wants to experience is a pest infestation or problems with nasties such as cockroaches, rats and mice. Pest control issues can seriously damage a centre’s reputation so it is extremely important to keep on top of any issues that may arise.


Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Heading to a hotel or resort is a popular destination for many Australians so it is imperative that owners / operators maintain a good clean premises. With many review sites such as Hotels CombinedTripAdvisor and Trivago, dirty hotels and resorts can no longer hide. Consumers expect the best on their holidays and a solid pest control foundation will ensure that your facility will be top-of-mind when it comes to a return visit in the future.


Don’t put your brand at risk by having a pest control issue. Food processing plants can be susceptible to a pest infestation simply due to the nature of their business. Pests, like humans and everything else on the planet, need to eat in order to survive. Safe Pest Control can help identify areas of concern and put a stop to any pests that may be having trouble with. Give Milad and the team at Safe Pest Control a call today for a free no-obligation quote.


Safe Pest Control can offer clients who have multiple locations a multi-site point of contact. This means that a dedicated account manager will be in charge of delivering quality pest control solutions to you and your company. Using the latest in technology and leading eco-friendly pest control solutions, we will ensure that those nasty pests won’t compromise you or your business.


Australia has some of the highest food safety standards in the world. Cleanliness and hygiene are the two most important factors that will ultimately determine a restaurant, bar or café’s success. The food authority in each respective State in Australia is very strict and has their own rules and regulations, so it is imperative that you understand your responsibilities. One of those is to ensure that pest control doesn’t become an issue. Safe Pest Control are one of the leading companies in Sydney that help businesses maintain a clean bill of health when it comes to pests. If you have any concerns regarding pest control give Milad and the team a call today!

Below are a few handy links:


Australia has strict standards when it comes to hygiene. Health and food safety regulations are constantly under the microscope so it is important that all businesses adhere to high standards. This is especially so when it comes to food-related businesses, however, also applies to other businesses as a lack of pest control can encourage pests to spread various diseases. We encourage all business owners to do their due diligence when it comes to OH&S as well as Food Legislation. Each State within Australia has their own Food Standards website with the material easily accessible for anyone with an internet connection. An all-in-one encompassing website that you can refer to is the NSW Food Standards Authority


We have a wealth of experience in dealing with pest control problems in hotels and resorts. From our first point of contact with you, to the briefing stage right through to assessment, we come up with a carefully thought out plan that ensures the eradication and prevention of pests. Best of all, we give a 100 percent guarantee on all our work regardless of how big or small the job is.



We make sure to only use the safest and most low toxic pesticides available to deliver industry leading results to you and that does not have an impact on the environment. Our pest control services covers every pest infestation that happens throughout each season which effects your house, hotels, restaurants, factories, households, offices and hospitals. With a service guarantee that includes on-time attendance, polite and courteous technicians, a comprehensive treatment plan and a “no smell no mess” policy, Safe Pest Control is your answer to all infestations – safe for you, your family and your pets. Treating both residential and commercial properties across Sydney, we have established a reputation for excellent service, exceed all industry standards and only use premium low toxic products for best pest extermination. We offer a free backup service, all our work is fully insured and we place our clients – and the environment – at the heart of our business.

Need a reason to pick safe pest control? well, we have all your concerns covered below.

There are many places where pests can become an issue in offices and office buildings. Due to the nature of offices they can be difficult to keep clean because of the amount of desks, chairs, printers, cabling, IT infrastructure, bins and toilets. Keep these areas clean at all times! Spiders, for instance, can hide behind office clutter and spin their webs; cockroaches can have a field day in kitchens if they aren’t cleaned properly every day; and rats can cause havoc as they can eat through walls, floors and even cabling. Safe Pest Control are leaders when it comes to helping food related businesses and their subsidiaries from being the victims of a pest outbreak.

Here we have listed a few tips on how you can keep pests at bay:

The last thing you want to see in the school yard, classroom or common areas are cockroaches, rats, rodents, fleas, ticks and more. A consistent pest control plan is recommended to prevent these pests from entering an educational institution no matter if it is a primary school, high school, college or university. One sure way of ensuring that you fight pests on the front foot is by emptying your bins. This is especially important in school yards where children dispose of any leftover food, wrappings, bottles etc. Another way to stop pests in their tracks is by cleaning up any mess or spills while disposing of any unnecessary clutter and unused items that are taking space.

Keep these tips in mind if you have a pest infestation at your school or educational institution:

Huge retail precincts and outlets invariably carry with them an inherent risk of attracting all sorts of pests. The last thing you need is to see a cockroach or rat scurrying across the floor in the middle of a busy shopping centre, retail outlet or boutique.

Safe Pest Control has some handy tips for Facilities Managers for how to prevent an infestation. They include:

A lot of hotels and resorts these days have a wealth of outlets and facilities to accommodate their patrons. Unfortunately with these also comes the flip side of a far greater likelihood of a pest infestation. The reason for this is that different pests are attracted to different things. For instance, cockroaches are attracted to water so if there is a swimming pool present the chance of them being present is high.

Safe Pest Control has come up with some handy tips for hotel and resort operators when it comes to pests:


Milad is fantastic, really knows his stuff, super friendly and if any issues they will come back so appreciate that they do that (esp. when cockroaches are such an issue in high rises!), and are really helpful in taking the time to explain things. Highly recommend! Thanks again!
Jo P
Jo P
04:24 12 Apr 18
We love these guys. Prompt. Effective. easy to deal with. We highly recommend them.
Erez Gordon
Erez Gordon
00:06 06 Apr 18
Very nice guy. Job well done. Will call Milad again next year
06:47 20 Feb 18
Safe Pest Control has looked after our family for years now. Our yard used to be invaded by redback spiders every summer. They'd live under the eaves, under our outdoor table and chairs and even climb into the children's toys! As a family with little ones, we chose Safe Pest Control because it's important to us to manage the problem in a way that's safe for our kids and environmentally responsible, and I'm pleased to say our spider problem has been well taken care of. Safe Pest Control has also managed other pests for us, including a rat in the roof and mice in the kitchen and carry out our annual termite inspection. The staff are very helpful, knowledgeable and informative, and we would very highly recommend Safe Pest Control for peace of mind and to help you solve these annoying pest problems and get on with enjoying life. These guys are tops!
Roslyn East
Roslyn East
00:04 28 Sep 17
These guys are professional and reliable with reasonable price.We chose them because of their non-toxic pest control treatment. We have a family and are very conscience of all the pesticides other companies use.Would defiantly recommend them.
Bahar Bahrami
Bahar Bahrami
02:01 01 Sep 17
Quick and easy. Great to have a chemical free company available!
01:33 05 Feb 19
We have used Safe Pest Control for 8 years. Having tried other contractors, I found Safe Pest Control provided a more effective service at a cheaper rate. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. They have always been super professional and friendly.
J Engledew
J Engledew
04:17 09 Aug 18
Milad was a awesome. Very friendly and knowledgable regarding pest control. No fuss, was thorough and was on time! Couldn’t have been happier. This is our second time using his services. Would highly recommend!
Andrew Foo
Andrew Foo
04:24 15 Jul 18
Great professional service, staff are very polite and knowledgeable. Very rarely do I experience such great services from tradespeople. After having them service my home, I was so happy with the service , I even use them for my regular pest control at my surgery.
wei david
wei david
11:44 17 Jun 19
Always on time and on point. Yet to see any roaches since taking these guys on.
Marcel Ghabbar
Marcel Ghabbar
06:34 08 Jul 19
Highly professional service. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I had them treat my unit for German Cockroaches and very satisfied with the service offered.
Madawa Soysa
Madawa Soysa
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Friendly and competent. Came when he said he would and very fuss free service. Great to have nontoxic options. Thanks!