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Instant proof of work carried out with barcode evidence of product used.


Compliance with all regulatory bodies and industry standards.

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We also give you proper documentation, to ensure that when inspectors do come to your place of business, you will be fully prepared and ready to present full verification for our treatment measures. We perform each of these steps with the care and expertise that come from the best methods and practices in the business

Our treatments and pest control methods are environmentally and eco-friendly, and perfectly adapted to suit the needs of the food and beverage industry in Sydney. We take extra steps to clean behind appliances, in hard-to-reach areas, where bugs find their natural homes. We also place chemical and other forms of deterrents near every entrance to your food preparation areas, creating an effective seal to keep pests out for as long as possible.

Safe Pest Control gives you odour-free protection against a wide variety of unwanted invaders. Our chemicals are fully approved for use in restaurants, entirely safe, and extremely effective. Disease-carrying bugs and rodents won’t stand a chance in a restaurant protected by our services. Even the toughest, most carefully hidden pests are discovered and removed through the techniques we’ve developed over our years of service in and around the Sydney area. We can even provide protection against termites and other especially difficult nuisances.

Don’t take unnecessary risks with your commercial operation or your restaurant’s reputation. You owe the best to your customers. Contact us today at 1300 119 085 for a free quote from Safe Pest Control. You’ll begin to breathe easier knowing that your restaurant is protected by our proven techniques.

The most important quality for a restaurant or café to preserve is its reputation. Word of mouth, professional and online reviews, as well as repeat customers all come from and contribute to the reputation of every company in the food and beverage business. And there is no single phenomenon that can be more damaging to a restaurant than an infestation of pests.

A single visible pest can ruin a diner’s experience and put them off the idea of returning to your place of business. Pests can also downgrade your health inspection grade, put your customers and staff at risk for disease, and cause all sorts of problems to the future of your business. Simply put: investing in a clean, hygienic venue is of the utmost importance for your restaurant or café.

That’s where we come in. To avoid the appearance of flies, rodents, cockroaches, ants, birds or any other pests, Safe Pest Control offers a comprehensive, non-invasive service to restaurants and cafes across the greater Sydney area. We are fully registered, trained and certified, and as members of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association we have years of experience taking the special care that is required in the restaurant business and all forms of Commercial Pest Control in Sydney.

Keep your food, food preparation and kitchen areas, as well as dining spaces free of unwanted bugs like ants, cockroaches and rodents by bringing in our team of expert inspectors and exterminators. We eliminate the current threat, take preventive actions in danger areas, treat your entire premises with clean and safe chemical mixtures, and advise you on how to keep particularly at-risk sections of your property free from bug infestation in the future.

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