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Don’t let pests become a burden in the workplace. The last thing employees and clients want to see is a cockroach running through a meeting room, moths flying in and around the lighting system or spider webs in the corners of the boardroom. Having a clean work environment is essential and you shouldn’t compromise on cleanliness. If you are having issues with pests then give the experts at Safe Pest Control a call.

We cover the Greater Sydney area and are available to give you a free no-obligation quote. Safe Pest Control uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art methods in order to exterminate and prevent pests from causing problems in your office space.

Whether you are in the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Inner West, South or Western Suburbs, Safe Pest Control are the leading company when it comes to pest control in Sydney. We will ensure that our work doesn’t have an adverse effect on yours and that there is minimum disruption to your place of business.


Large industrial sites and warehouses can be a challenge to keep clean at the best of times. Due to their sheer size and the way they are laid out places such as factory units are perfect for pests to hide and breed. Pest Control Services for Commercial Properties and warehouses are highly recommended.

Industrial units and complexes can include:

The cleanliness, or lack of, these sites is what largely determines whether there is a pest control problem or not. It goes without saying that if a worksite is dirty, isn’t well maintained, has garbage bins overflowing and is generally untidy then you are likely to encounter a pest problem. If your site is clean and well maintained then it could be a case of a neighbouring unit or complex that could be the issue. Safe Pest Control can conduct a thorough survey of the premises and determine where the pests are breeding and nesting. Once that is determined, we can then find out how they are coming into the workplace before applying the right treatments.

Some of the more common pests found in industrial estates, sites and premises include:

Rats, Mice & Rodents






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