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Prior to purchasing a home, Safe Pest Control recommends you have a building inspection carried out on the premises. A building inspection is designed to determine what problems, if any, your house or unit may have with pests. As an example, termites can have a detrimental effect on a house due to their fondness of eating wood. The last thing you need is to purchase a house that has termite damage as this could likely lead to major structural problems down the track.

Building inspections don’t cost a great deal of money and when carrying out a major purchase such as buying property, you want peace of mind that what you are buying is safe and secure. Safe Pest Control are qualified pest controllers in Sydney and can carry out a building inspection for pests. If you have nasty creepy crawlies hiding somewhere, we will find them! You will receive a detailed report on what we find, where we find it, and how best to remedy the situation.


If you are ready to purchase a unit, villa or townhouse then chances are you may want to carry out a strata inspection for pests on the property. A survey of the building and surrounding premises could uncover any number of pests such as rats, spiders, termites and cockroaches just to name a few. One of the most important things to remember when purchasing a strata-titled property is that although the space you are purchasing may appear to be clean, chances are all your neighbours won’t be as stringent with their cleanliness. By this we mean that communal housing often sees some sort of pest problem due to the amount of people living in close proximity to each other. Some neighbours may be clean while others may not.

A strata inspection by Safe Pest Control can be carried out on:

Unit blocks


Villa homes

As well as the premises itself, the surrounding and common areas of a complex will also be thoroughly surveyed. Safe Pest Control can provide a detailed strata report that outlines exactly what, if any, pests your complex may have.

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