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Where there’s food, there are pests! Pests like rodents and cockroaches are always on their hunt for food and a warm place for shelter. And what could be a better option for them to infest than in restaurants and eateries? They get easy food from the disposals, while vents, sewerage lines, and bins serve as a great shelter for them.

Pests carry a risk of harmful diseases because they contaminate your food. As a restaurant business owner, you don’t want any kind of insect infestation – even one caused by accident. They not only present a health & safety risk, but they are also bad for your reputation and can even result in legal action from authorities.

Safe Pest Control is one of the Sydney’s leading restaurant pest control companies tackling your commercial business with ultimate care.

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As soon as you see any signs indicating a potential pest infestation, you should call in the professional pest control services immediately. They will know exactly what to do and take the necessary steps to ensure that the situation is handled accordingly.

  • Sometimes it can be easy to spot pests on your premises, even without a professional to point out all the signs. Large, dark brown droppings are usually a dead give-away of rat infestation and can vary in size, but you need to differentiate between mouse & cockroach droppings. Cockroach droppings tend to have a more firm texture than the mice.
  • If a cockroach is running around your property, the nest has likely been there for quite some time. When you notice a dead one on your property, it means the infestation is expanding.
  •  If you hear scratching or squeaking sounds, be sure to check the area for signs of rodents’ infestation.
  • Shredded papers or damage to hard material like bins is another sign that pests hide on your property. Food nibbling is also an indicator of rodent infestation.
  • Cockroaches shed their skin multiple times in their life. If you find cockroach-shaped skin, your place is infested and need pest control.

If you see any strange signs that indicate the presence of Mice, Rats, or Cockroaches, you need a professional pest control restaurants team to survey your restaurant for any sign of activity. The most common services for protecting restaurants are: 

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Defend your reputation and keep your staff and the public safe with Safe Pest Control. We provide comprehensive hospitality & restaurant pest control services.

Success Guaranteed

Customers can get in touch with our commercial pest control team for a free consultation if they’re unsure about how our service could be used for their business. Our success guarantee ensures that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. We will not rest until you are fully satisfied with them.

Non-toxic Pest Deterrents

Our commercial pest control products are safe for your customers, your staff, your family, and your pets. They’re also safe for the environment — we make sure we’ll never use pesticides or other toxic chemicals on your premises or hire anyone who does. Plus, our products have no smell whatsoever!

Real-time Tracking

Our commercial pest control team have real-time tracking capabilities, so you can see exactly where pests are moving in and out of your premises. This gives us the opportunity to plan future treatments around where pests will be more likely, giving us a better chance at eliminating the infestation quickly.

Multi-Phase Approach

Our approach is to use a multi-phase process that’s designed to eliminate the pests without any mess or smell.

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