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Tiny in size and seemingly harmless, carpet beetles are a problem Australia-wide. While their name suggests they might only live in carpet, this is actually not the case. Year-round, carpet beetles can infest your carpet, rugs, curtains and other soft furnishings, your cupboards, your clothes and other natural fibres.

There are so many different types of beetles but it’s safe to say they all share a common trait – they love to eat and will eat just about anything in sight. The most common household species is the Variegated Carpet Beetle. It has a rounded body shape and is approximately 3mm in length. Its colour is a mix of yellow, black and white and if left untreated, can prove to be a serious household pest.

It is the larvae of the carpet beetle species that causes the damage – i.e. the small, caterpillar-type creatures which eventually turn into a carpet beetle. They like to hide in warm, protected areas such as drawers and wardrobes and this is also where they prefer to feed. Because of their small size and ability to fly, carpet beetles can easily enter your home through doors, windows and other small openings. And once they’re inside, they’ll quickly make your carpet, clothes and other soft furnishings their home.


If you have a carpet beetle problem in your home and you’ve started to see signs of damage, the first step is to thoroughly vacuum your carpet, floors and upholstered furniture. This will take away the beetles and their eggs. Keep this up regularly as a preventative measure. If your clothes, curtains, cushion covers, etc have been infested, wash in hot, soapy water as soon as possible to remove the beetles, their larvae and their eggs. Rugs and carpets should be steam-cleaned.

A qualified pest control provider should be appointed to carry out a detailed inspection. Here at Safe Pest Control, we know all too well the damage that carpet beetles can cause throughout your home. We will use the latest technology to detect the extent of the infestation, identify the areas which need to be treated and, using eco-friendly products which are safe for both your home and your family, will efficiently get the problem under control.

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Creating a pest-free home is a matter of maintaining good housekeeping practices and working with your pest control provider when faced with an infestation. The problem with some pests, carpet beetles included, is that they’re so small in size and very good at hiding, it’s often near impossible to locate their exact whereabouts with the naked eye. Fortunately in the case of the carpet beetle, it tends to leave behind the damaged areas for all to see. By implementing a number of preventative measures, you can stop an infestation from getting out of hand.


Here are some of our ‘top tips’ for the prevention of carpet beetles, which you can easily carry out in your home…

1. A key factor in the prevention of carpet beetles is regular, thorough vacuuming. Not just of your floors, but of your upholstered furniture and curtains too. This will help keep their numbers to a minimum. Remember to vacuum right to the edges of carpets for the best results.

2. Use moth balls in your wardrobes to help protect your clothes.

3. Carpet beetles are also commonly found in birds’ nests, so remove any nests found near or within your roof space.

4. Contact a professional pest control provider immediately. Not only will they work with you to eliminate the infestation, but reputable companies such as Safe Pest Control will teach you how to prevent it from re-occurring and will provide advice for regular inspections.


Identifying the signs of a carpet beetle infestation is really important because if left untreated, these unwanted pests can cause significant damage inside your home. They prefer the warmth and protection of hiding spots such as drawers, wardrobes and even storage boxes and it is in these areas where you may see the important signs of their existence.


What do carpet beetles tend to feed on?

 Natural fibres, carpets, furniture and clothing. In the case of adult carpet beetles, they like to graze on pollen so they can also be found outdoors.

What are some effective methods of preventing carpet beetles?

First and foremost, regular and thorough vacuuming of your floors, carpeted areas, curtains and upholstered furniture to get rid of the beetles and their eggs. Removing birds’ nests near your home will reduce the risk of carpet beetles travelling from the nest inside and using moth balls in your wardrobe will help protect your clothes.

What signs can I look for in my home of carpet beetle activity?

Damaged carpets (particularly in low-traffic areas and near walls and windows; droppings which resemble coarse sand; and when the warmer months begin, carpet beetles may be seen on and around windows, trying to get outside to feed.

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