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Pest Control Expert’s Checklist: Keeping Your Office Pest Free!

Got your first office apartment? Congratulations buddy! We know how exciting it is to decorate your new office and sometimes we get caught up with the idea of creating the ultimate first office checklist. But before writing down the things you need for your first office – whether it will be purchased from your favorite local shop, there is something you must do.

People tend to choose an office apartment due to the reasons for convenience, affordability and the flexibility it can provide to those wishing to live, work and play without too much hassle; thus becoming an attractive living option!

Unfortunately, there is quite a disadvantage. Make sure that you’ve checked everything before moving in. Simply because you’ll never know, in case some unwanted guests might have moved in before you – we’re talking about crawlies, bed bugs, termites and cockroaches!

Here is your first apartment office pest control checklist!

Tip #1: Look around and recheck everything.

Due to the multifamily structure of office apartments, it is quite common to share a lot of things – noise, scents and even the risk of dealing with pests. As old and new tenants may move in and out, so does the opportunity for the pest to waltz through inside the apartment which makes it harder to pinpoint the actual source. It is important to have a keen observation of the condition of your office apartment. Check for cracks, holes, leaks and particular damage that may highly attract pests.

Tip #2: What you put inside your office apartment matters!

You must also be careful about what you bring inside. Recheck your furniture particularly the old or second-hand ones because any used furniture is highly linked with pest-associated problems. Regardless of the tempting low price, it can potentially be a host or infested with different kinds of pests such as fleas, bed bugs and more!

Even the delivery packages can also be a great source of the infestation. It might have been intercepted by pests no matter how careful the Moving Service you’ve hired. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being cautious.

Tip #3: Follow a regular pest proofing for the general countermeasure.

The easiest way to keep your office apartment pest-free is to have a general measure of pest-proofing on a regular basis. Eliminate any clutter that can potentially turn out as a good hideout for pests and simply clean up to maintain your office apartment as organized and inhospitable to pests as possible!
You have to be actively engaged if you wish to have a well-maintained office apartment. Start by planning a schedule for cleaning. Dispose or remove trash daily, store food in airtight containers, and never miss out on a spot even your cat litter box.

Tip #4: Reach out not only to your neighbors but also never hesitate to rely on a trusted exterminator.

Practice a hygienic lifestyle by sharing what you know to your neighbors. Having the right information gives a person the power to be prepared and take action efficiently. That is why reaching out to others can help them become vigilant; thus bringing in more chances of keeping the pest not only out of your office apartment but all throughout the complex!

Report any pest sightings to the management and never hesitate to call in a reliable pest control service. Contact Safe Pest Control today and you can experience a 100% guaranteed solutions for the pest extermination and safe spray pest control! Visit our Service page to learn more of what we can do for you. Plus get a chance for a free quotation!