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    Ants could go down as some of the hardest working insects on the planet. They are known as workers and definitely punch above their weight, often carrying 10 times their bodyweight. Over 10,000 species of ants are found throughout the world. Ants can be found everywhere from city and rural areas to tropical forests where they can be up to half of all insects found at certain locations.

    Some common ants found in Australia include:

    Yellow Crazy Ant

    Banded Sugar Ant

    Meat Ant

    Argentine Ant

    Bulldog Ant

    Tasmanian Inchman

    Red Bull Ant

    Tasmanian Inchman

    Black Ant

    Green Tree Ant

    Golden Tailed Spiny Ant

    Fire Ant

    Black House Ant

    You will usually find that Ants live in a colony or community and will be found underground, on the surface in ant hills (or mounds) and in trees. Some ants, however, prefer not to live in colonies and will seek out their own refuge where food and shelter is available. Ants have a decent lifespan with the Queen of a colony reaching 15 years of age while worker ants, generally the males, can live up to seven years.

    Some common ways to get rid of ants around your home and business include:


    The three most common identifiers for ants are as follows:

    This is a no-brainer when it comes to an ant infestation. If you can see any of the above then it is a sure sign that you have an ant problem. If you do see an ant trail in your home it means the ants have already formed a big colony outside and have found their way into your home. They are now coming and going as they please. The ant mounds are their homes, however, be aware that some species of ants prefer to live underground so you may not find the colony on the surface.


    Ants have a narrow waist between their abdomen and thorax and that is something that termites don’t have. Ants also have large heads.

    The obvious one here is crumbs which is why you can often find ants carrying off breadcrumbs etc after they have dropped to the ground. Other than that, ants will eat other insects, fungus and nectar.

    Where there is one ant you will usually find many. Ants tend to live in communities that are heavily populated.

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