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Safe Pest Control is your reliable pest control service provider for all types of pest control services. Our accredited pest controllers provide 100% Eco-Friendly, efficient, and affordable solutions to get rid of all pests from your home or business. Safe Pest Control Sydney has been providing effective, reliable pest services across all of Sydney’s suburbs since 2008. Servicing Residential and commercial properties in Sydney for a wide range of comprehensive control treatments and certified inspections. Our leading commercial-grade solutions will help you to manage all legislative and auditing requirements in Sydney. Contact us today for a free quote on your household pests.

Our team has grown over the years, and with years of experience in domestic and commercial pest control, we’re able to provide outstanding services to our clients. We have the knowledge and expertise required to deal with any pest issues effectively and efficiently.

Safe Pest Control Sydney technicians are highly trained, which enables them to handle different types of pests. We have the necessary equipment and products to get rid of pests in your home or business. We are fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance cover and can provide you with a Certificate of Currency for your records upon request. Your search for the best pest controller near me ends here. Contact us today on 1300119085 and get a 10% Discount.


Pest Control Services

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Your Local Pest Control Professionals in Sydney

Our Pest Control Sydney customer service team carries out regular training to maintain the highest standards in customer service. We aim toprovide the best experience tailored to your needs. Our Pest Control service doesn’t end at the treatment. Safe Pest Control company? We provide the best aftercare service with follow-up communications to ensure you are happy with the end result. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you will not be charged for any additional call-outs, treatments, or inspections. We provide a 6-month service warranty and the best pest control Sydney packages available for your peace of mind.

Safe Pest Control Sydney technicians are trained and fully licensed in controlling pests of all types and will leave your home or business as clean as they found it. We use the latest equipment and products to ensure effective, safe, environmentally friendly pest control in Sydney. 

Our excellent customer service team is available Mon-Sat 8 am – 5 pm, so you can call us anytime for a quick response to your pest control needs or questions, Speak to an actual pest controller, not a call center.

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Affordable Pest Control Services

Safe Pest Control Sydney offers the best pest control services and is a one-stop shop for all of your convenience at a reasonable price. We’ve been in business for over 15 years and have a team of highly trained professionals who can handle any pest control problem. We offer great value pest control service packages that will keep your home or business free of any pests, year-round.

We provide high-quality Pest Control Sydney services at an affordable price. Our team of expert pest controllers will visit your home or commercial premises to provide the right pest control treatments to take care of any pest control issue that you may be having.

Our services include:

  • Commercial pest Management
  •  Residential pest control
  •  End of lease pest control
  •  Termite Treatments
  •  Emergency pest control Sydney

Safe Pest Control Sydney is a trusted company that you can count on to deliver the best pest control services in Sydney at an affordable price. We have been around for many years and we are still growing strong.

Our Pest Control Sydney team can also provide last-minute pest inspections or end of lease pest control even on weekends. So if you have an issue or need a pest spray, Call us on 1300 119 085. Our services are available across the entire Sydney region and the surrounding areas.

Our Pest Control Sydney Process

Pest inspection services are a crucial part of pest control treatment, this is because they will help identify the type of pests and level of infestation you have, and locate potential entry points into the building. Safe Pest Control Sydney team will then use this information to come up with a treatment plan that is suited for your home or business. Our process includes: 

  • Key Pest identification     
  • Treatment Plan.   
  • Pest Treatment
  • Observation


Our Pest Control Sydney team can provide a variety of different treatments that they can use to eradicate any pesky pests. The most common effective pest treatments are non-toxic spray applications, baits, traps, and specialized pest inspection, there is a wide range of options that are normally used for commercial or industrial purposes. Our accredited pest controllers always start with a complete risk assessment of the site to understand the extent of the problem. We then relay the information to the client and go through the right pest control strategy step by step for their End of lease home pest control. This process is absolutely essential for sensitive sites which require carrying out spider pest control at a property with young children, pets, or hypersensitive family members.

Effective Pest Control services should be completed by a professional pest control Sydney company. If you try to do this on your own, there is a chance that you could end up harming yourself or others around you. We will further discuss that down below.

Sydney Pest Control | Pest Management Services

Trusted by Australian Companies

Sydney’s specialist in providing reliable commercial pest control services to some of the biggest companies in Sydney New South Wales. Safe Pest Control Sydney is your local expert in pest control with excellent customer service and a professional services team. We are a family-owned business that has been in the commercial pest control industry for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on quality workmanship, professionalism, and competitive pricing. We provide a wide range of commercial services for businesses such as strata, commercial buildings, cafes, fast-food chain restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, food courts, schools, food production plants, and more. All Sydney pest control services are safe, eco-friendly, and odorless to ensure no disruption to your business operations.

Safe Pest Control’s commercial teams are highly trained pest controllers in the field with continuous assessments and training. We cover the entire Sydney region and are capable to attend to any emergency call-outs in no time. Call us today and speak to our friendly accredited pest controllers for free advice on any pest treatment. (Related: Pest Control for Factories)


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High Quality Pest Managment Sydney

Our commercial Pest Control team is proud to have 95% repeat customers and referrals from Sydney CBD and across Sydney as a result of effective solutions ensuring a healthy and safe environment for their customers. As with any business, pesky pests can be devastating to the success of your company. Fortunately, our commercial pest control services have been helping many business clients eliminate their problems.

If you are a Sydney commercial property owner and need reliable pest prevention solutions in Sydney, contact us for a free quote on the best solution at affordable costs. We offer a wide array of effective pest control treatments for industrial properties, including comprehensive pest control programs that are tailored to your needs and budget for your commercial properties.

Expert Commercial Treatments Solutions

Safe Pest Control Sydney technicians can provide a quick solution and effective pest control experience with the best techniques, and are fully equipped With an extensive line of commercial products from reputable brands such as BAYER, FMC, BASF, LIPHATECH, and a full line of powerful insecticides as mentioned above for various pests control needs. Our expert technicians are trained and fully licensed to handle all different types of products from manufacturers to eradicate all pest problems such as cockroach pest control, rodent control, termite control services, and more.

We use the latest equipment and products to ensure your safety while delivering effective environmentally friendly treatments for all types of pests. We are equipped with the latest technology and products to ensure that your business is pest-free. Our Sydney customer service team will be with you every step of the way to provide the highest level of service and support. You can always count on our pest control experts to deliver the best possible results for your home or business. Trust the pest controllers with AEPMA accreditation and 15 years of pest control industry experience. prevent further infestations, Call Us Today. (Read: Strata Pest Control)

Our Commercial Pest Control Sydney Team Provides:

Commercial Rodent Control Sydney


Searching for same day pest control near me? Our company offers low toxicity treatments applied by fully trained, highly skilled technicians for residential and commercial pest services. We make it easy to eliminate any rats and mice problem from your factory, warehouse, commercial business, office, commercial property, or home in Sydney with an effective rodent baiting management plan. Our Pest Control Sydney rodent technicians will eliminate all rodent activity in your home quickly and recommend the best methods to keep rodent activity out of your property so that you can focus on what is important. Rodent activity may seem harmless, but rodents can be dangerous. Mice can carry deadly diseases like Salmonellosis, Plague Leptospirosis, Hantavirus and Rickettsialpox are just a few of the many. They can also cause serious health problems.

We offer comprehensive prevention, rodent control, and elimination programs for commercial buildings. Our Pest Control Sydney expert team specialises in the use of proven-effective rodenticides to eradicate rodents from buildings. Rodent bait stations are strategically placed to target rodents in their natural habitats. We use non-toxic, highly effective rodenticides that are safe for pets and children.

Our rodent control methods are environmentally friendly and don’t pose any risk to pets or kids. We have the expertise to eliminate rodents from any commercial building and the reputation for providing high-quality rodent control services. To determine the extent and activity of your rodent infestation, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business. Our rodent exterminators will use baiting and trapping techniques to eliminate rodents from your premises after this inspection is complete. We will give you recommendations for how to keep your home rodent-free in the future. Book your free inspection today, a licensed and experienced pest controller will provide you with a comprehensive effective pest treatment plan. (Related: Cafe Pest Control)


Expert Rodent Control Services | Best Commercial Solutions

Pest Control | Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Services

Are you finding unwanted visitors in the kitchen? Safe Pest Control Sydney provides a wide range of pest management strategies for residential and domestic properties. We offer competitive prices and professional services and with over 15 of years experience in the pest control industry, you can be sure your treatment will be completed to the highest standard. Our residential pest control team will inspect your property and recommend a treatment that is suitable for your needs.

Our Sydney General Pest Control services come with a comprehensive warranty on all of our pest management services. Our pest control Sydney treatment methods are 100% environmentally friendly and guaranteed to be safe for you and your family, this is why we are Sydney’s best pest control company. Safe Pest Control Sydney technicians will walk you through the treatment process with you, so you will understand what is being carried out and work hard to exterminate any pest fast. Once the job is done they will provide you with a detailed services report and a quote for any future treatments. (Related: Pet-Friendly Pest Control)

Safe Pest Control Sydney experts offer a specialist redback spider treatment service. Redback spiders are a regular pest problem for people living in Sydney, Australia, and can be found in many different areas of NSW. Redbacks are a common problem in gardens, parks and even in homes, they are most active during the warmer months of summer, but they can be found throughout the year. Redbacks can usually be found near moist areas such as pot plant trays, under rocks, logs, or kids’ toys if they are left out.

Redback spiders are usually shy and non-aggressive pests, but they can cause a painful bite if provoked. Redback spider bites are not fatal to humans, but they can be very painful. Symptoms of redback spider bites include nausea, sweating, and aching muscles. If you believe that you have been bitten by a redback spider, seek medical attention immediately.

How to get rid of Spiders?

Professional Pest Control treatments are highly recommended if you want to eradicate spiders from your home. Safe Pest Control Sydney team has the latest spider removal products and they use them in combination with their skills and experience to effectively treat your problem and also provide ongoing protection against spiders for your peace of mind and comfort.

If you have a redback spider problem, Our Sydney pest control services are the best value. Safe pest control technicians are fully qualified and experienced in the treatment of redback spiders and will ensure that your home is pest-free in no time.  (Related: Safe Spray Pest Control)

Cockroach Control Sydney

Cockroaches are one of the pests commonly found on northern beaches. Safe Pest Control has been carrying out cockroach control treatments around all Sydney suburbs for homes and businesses. Housekeeping plays a major role in pest management and the prevention of cockroach infestations. Eliminating food and water sources for cockroaches is the first step toward controlling a cockroach infestation. lookout for any obvious leaking taps, hot water systems, pipes, and other warm places. A surprising number of domestic and commercial properties have cockroach problems that could have easily been prevented by fixing the water leaks.

Eliminate food sources, use a bin with lids and place dirty dishes in the dishwasher overnight and make sure the kitchen is free of any food scraps is a great start to getting rid of a german cockroach infestation in your kitchen. If you are still seeing cockroaches then it’s time to call the professionals at Safe Pest Control. Sanitation alone is not enough once the german cockroach population has become well established.

If you have a pest problem, call us today on 1300119085 for a free quote (with no hidden costs) and friendly Pest Control advice to get rid of spiders quickly, safely, and permanently. (Read: How to get rid of cockroaches)

Sydney's #1 Cockroach Control Services | Get Expert Solutions Today!

Termite Control Sydney

Termite Pest Control Sydney can be a big problem for many homes and offices. These pests invade all types of properties, eating building materials and causing major damage to your home or business.

Sydney Termites also known as “White ants” live in colonies underground or in trees, eating through wood with their mandibles as they go. Termites belong to the insect order Isoptera and are rather more closely related to cockroaches and ants. They have a segmented body with three pairs of legs, a pair of antennas, and compound eyes. They have a hard exoskeleton and usually range from 0.7mm – 1 cm, so they are able to move through small spaces in the ground. Their main purpose in the forest is to recycle dead trees and other plant matter. The main termite species in Sydney NSW that cause problems for homeowners are Nasutitermes, Coptptermes, Heterotermes, and Schdorhinoterms.

Termites are common throughout Sydney NSW and commonly prefer to live in moist soil. They can be hard to detect, so if you want to ensure your property is pest free then it’s important that you have a termite inspection done to avoid damage to your property. They can cause structural damage to properties, especially if they are left untreated. Termites cost Australian property owners millions of dollars each year. Call us for a free quote and more info on our termite treatments.


Termite Infestations

There are many different places where termites can be found in your home. They will look for wood that is damp and soft in order to create their nest.

Here are some places where termites can be found:

  • Wood piles and logs stored next to your home
  • Timber structures in contact with the soil and are attached to the building
  •  Timber debris around the outside of the building
  • Trees, stumps
  • Formwork left in place in the subfloor
Termite Control Sydney
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Termite Inspections

Sydney termite inspections are a must-do in order to be sure there is no activity in or around the property and to check for other pests at the same time.

If you find any signs of termite activity around your house, STOP and contact a pest controller with years of termite inspection experience before you do anything. The inspection will determine if there is a need for treatment or not. Termite inspections will ensure that there is no hidden damage done by these pests.

Our team is equipped with the latest termite inspection detection capabilities to check your whole property from roof cavities to the subfloor with thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and specialized wall cavity inspection cameras. If there are any problems detected with the inspection, the safe pest control team will be able to advise you on the best treatment options in order to rectify them. Termite inspections should be carried out 6 monthly for most buildings in Sydney in accordance with industry standards.

Our Termite Inspections start from $380 with Free Pest Advice and a full detailed report.

Termite Treatment Solutions

Worried about termite infestation in your house? Well, you are in the right place. Termite control services such as (termite barriers) are essential for any property owner in Sydney to ensure the safety and integrity of the building structure. Termite infestation damage can lead to the weakening of the building structure, so it is important to take action immediately. Our friendly pest controllers have years of experience and access to the latest termiticide products such as Termidor and Pyrethrum, to install termite barriers as well as a variety of in-ground or above-ground baits.

Termites are becoming more and more common throughout Sydney each year and the damage cost caused to property owners by termites is more than fire, and floods combined.

Speak to one of our friendly termite inspection customer care members today, call us on 1300119085 to get free quotes.

Silverfish Pest Control in Sydney

Silverfish is a type of pest that has long antennae and three long tails. Silverfish are also known as fish moths, flatback silverfish, or occasionally lunar caudate (from the Latin cauda, meaning tail). Silverfish are not fish at all, but insects. They belong to a group known as (Order: Psocoptera) which also includes book lice, bark lice, and the psocids.

They are wingless insects with flattened bodies and broad, flat heads. The antennae are long, slender, and threadlike with a feathery appearance. The body is flattened from top to bottom, giving the pest a silver-like sheen and its name.

The two long slender tails are equal in length or slightly longer than the body. The legs are long and slender, and the feet have two tarsal joints (a trait shared with no other insect family). The larvae of silverfish are white in color, legless, and have a large head. The larvae are not able to move about freely; instead, they remain attached to the surface on which their eggs were laid by means of a special cement-like substance.

Silverfish is a nocturnal creature and spends its days hiding in cracks and crevices of the walls or floors. It feeds on carbohydrates such as sugar, starch, and paper. It will also eat dead insects, which it can detect by smell. As the silverfish matures, its color changes from grayish-brown to yellowish-brown. The silverfish will molt (shed its skin) four to five times before reaching maturity, which takes about two years.

The male silverfish do not have genitals; instead, the sperm cells are carried by the male to the female. The female lays eggs, and both parents guard them until they hatch. Silverfish are usually found in basements, crawlspaces, and attics. They are often found in damp areas such as near leaking pipes or where condensation forms on walls and ceilings. You can read more about silverfish treatment on our pest library page.

Silverfish are not considered a dangerous pest in most Sydney homes because it does not bite and it does not damage the structure of buildings. But a silverfish infestation can be an issue as they feed on a wide variety of things, including books, fabrics such as bindings clothing or carpets, and paper products paint, or wallpaper. We are Sydney’s reputable pest control company. Speak to a friendly and professional pest controller today! (Read: Eco-Safe Pest Control)

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish?

The best way to get rid of silverfish pest infestation is by hiring professional pest removal services near you. They will inspect your home and develop an effective treatment plan based on the extent of your silverfish infestation. Treatment options include:

  • Dusting application to carks and crevices, as well as sub-floor and roof void.
  • Non-toxic pest control spray application of all Internal and external infested areas of your home to kill silverfish and their eggs. The chemicals are usually odorless and safe for humans, but it is advised that you leave the house during application if you have any medical conditions, are pregnant, or are hypersensitive.
Silverfish control sydney

What are some effective ways to control pests in Sydney?

There are a lot of effective eco-friendly pest control ways to control pests in Sydney. Here are some of the most popular:

  • You can try baiting them with traps that have been set with food that they like.
  • Direct spraying them with poisons or chemicals that will kill the pests without harming you or your family.
  • You can try organic pest control methods like vinegar spray.
  • You could try removing the food supply for them, so they have no choice but to leave.
  • Another option is to try using pest traps (glass jar)  to get rid of them
  • You could also try using a natural pest repellent, such as peppermint oil or lavender oil.

Why you should hire us as your pest control expert in Sydney

Finantial Cost

Financially, you are more likely to get value for money if you use an expert pest control company near you rather than over-the-counter products which have a 90% failure rate in completely eradicating pest infestations. Most Sydney pest control chemical sold to the general public is only useful for killing insects visible on the surface, therefor it will only be a temporary solution. Unfortunately, common pests such as german cockroaches are nocturnal insects that are mostly active at night, which means that you are unlikely to see them. As a general rule every cockroach, you see there are at least 10 or more in hiding.

Pest treatment must be done the right way by a reputable company, most professional Sydney Pest Control companies use a combination of control methods to get rid of german cockroaches, which include:

1) Inspections – we carry out a full inspection of your property to identify the pest problem and areas that are infested.

2) Treatment – We will apply a combination of methods such as gel baits, traps, insect growth regulators (IGRs), repellant or non-repellant residual sprays, insecticidal, dusting applications, misting, fogging, or Integrated pest management (IPM) as a holistic approach to pest control solutions that use all available techniques in a manner that minimizes risks to your loved ones health and the environment, as well as being cost-effective.

3) Prevention – we will advise you on how to prevent a future infestation of German cockroaches.

 Pest Infestation Health-Related Issues

From pest infestations in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room to the attic and basement, here are some of the most common health-related issues that can be caused by a pest infestation:

1) Asthma – Cockroaches produce allergens that can lead to asthma.

2) Allergic reactions – Cockroaches produce proteins that are a cause of allergic reactions in some people.

3) Gastrointestinal diseases – Cockroaches can transmit bacteria on their body parts and cause food poisoning.

4) Infectious diseases – Cockroaches can carry germs such as Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus.

5) Skin diseases – Cockroaches can transmit bacteria on their body parts which can cause skin infections such as cellulitis in humans.

6) Stress – Cockroaches can cause stress in humans.

7) Workplace accidents – Cockroaches can cause workplace accidents such as slipping on cockroach feces and dropping items.

8) Psychological disorders – People who are exposed to cockroaches may develop psychological disorders such as anxiety, phobia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

9) Allergic reactions – Cockroaches can cause allergic reactions such as hay fever and eczema in humans.

10) Diarrhea – Cockroach feces, saliva, and cast skins can contaminate food and cause diarrhea.

Many over-the-counter pest control products contain chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets. Some of the products may cause, damage to the skin or cause allergies without the correct safety gear or knowledge.

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Don’t take the chance, call Safe Pest Control Sydney today, as we provide safe professional pest control service from Northern Suburbs, Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Northern Beaches to South Western Sydney. Our highly qualified technicians cover all Sydney suburbs, with access to the best pest control chemicals and equipment, which will ensure that your pest problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently with 100% satisfaction. Safe Pest Control in Sydney has more than 15 years of experience with thousands of happy customers pest-free in Sydney, just check out our google reviews.

Contact us today on 1300 119 085 if you have any questions. We offer a friendly and professional service at an affordable price. Get a fixed pest removal price of $189 for units.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Sydney Questions

Top 5 Common Pests Found in Sydney

Cockroaches – German cockroaches are among common Sydney pests that you will find in homes and businesses. They are brownish-black, large creepy crawlies with long antennae and are up to 20 millimeters long. German cockroaches have a flattened body and can run very fast. They are scavengers that feed on almost anything, including sugary foods, grease, paper

Spiders – The black house spider is a common type of spider in Sydney homes, especially in the bathroom and laundry areas. The female black house spiders are larger than males and are generally brownish-grey in color with a darker pattern on the upper body. The female black house spiders are also known to be aggressive and can bite humans if they feel threatened or provoked.

Argentine Ants – The Argentine ant is a common type of ants found in home gardens and in the ground. They are also commonly found in Sydney homes and can be identified by their brownish to black color with a lighter-colored abdomen. Argentine ants are small but aggressive when they feel threatened, and are known to attack in numbers. They can be hard to get rid of without the right ant control products.

Rodents – There are a number of rodents in Sydney, Australia that can cause harm to humans. The most common rodent pest found in Sydney is the house mouse, which is brown or grey with a long tail and small ears. The roof rat is another type of rodent that is common in Australia. It is larger than the house mouse and has a flat tail, small ears, and dark brown fur with lighter tips on its body. (Related: Mice Control in Sydney)

Wasps – Wasp stings are common in Australia. The most dangerous wasp is the European hornet, which has a yellow and black body with orange legs and two pairs of transparent wings. There are a number of wasps in Sydney, including the paper wasp and the German wasp. Paper wasps are black with yellow stripes on their bodies. They have narrow waists and long legs

Fleas – Fleas are small insects that live on the bodies of mammals, including humans. The most common flea in Sydney is the cat flea. It lives on cats and dogs. Flea bites can be severe depending on each individual. (Read: End of Lease Pest Control)

Our Pest Control solutions are backed with 6 Month warranty with unlimited call-outs free of charge to ensure a long-lasting pest-free period and to save you from catching pests with a glass jar. we also have the best value all-year-round pest control packages which cover a long long list of pests.

What’s the difference between ants & termites?

There are many types of ants, and they can be found all over the world. Ants are a type of insect, and they vary in size and color. They eat various foods, including sweets, meats, and vegetables. Termites are also a type of pest that can be found all over the world. Termites are different from ants because they eat wood. Termite damage is difficult to see because it is hidden behind walls and other surfaces. It requires more complex treatment than ant damage. Termites are more destructive to wood than ants, but ants eat plant material as well. 

Termites build nests in walls and floors and may also live in trees close to infested buildings. Termites typically live in moist warm environments, like inside a wall or floor crevice where it’s dark and damp. Black ants are less destructive than termites, but they can still cause some damage if they get into your home or office building. Ant control is cheaper and can be treated using over-the-counter bug sprays that you can buy at your local store

What if it rains after the treatment will the solution spray wash away?

No. The pest spray application will not wash away easily. In fact, it will last for months and even years depending on the type of treatment applied.

How much does pest control cost in Sydney?

Sydney Pest control cost depends on the type of bugs treated applied. The price for a general spray application can range from $250 to $600, depending on the property type, size, and location of your property. We offer fixed pest control price for most of our work.

If you have a termite infestation and need termite barriers, or other termite control applications expect to pay more.

How long does your warranty last?

Our warranty covers the treatment for 6 months. We advise you to call us again if rodents or other pests appear after this period.

How often should I get my home sprayed for cockroaches?

We recommend that you have your place treated every 6 months by our professional exterminators. This will ensure to eliminate pests and keep your home free from cockroaches and other unwanted pests.